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Why choose Performance Marketing?

Marketing techniques have evolved as to how consumers get information changes. Radio advertising led to TV advertising, which then shifted to digital marketing with the rise of the internet. Besides these natural market progressions, the COVID-19 pandemic is driving the scope of digital marketing even further online.

Performance marketing is a digital marketing strategy that’s driven by results. It’s ideal for companies that are looking to reach their audience at scale because payment is based on how users interact with the content. It is a comprehensive term for online marketing and advertising programs where advertisers pay only when a specific action occurs.

With the future of digital marketing looking more promising each year, using performance marketing can help you scale your advertising efforts to meet your company's needs without breaking the bank.

More importantly, the success rate of performance marketing campaigns is generally higher since all campaigns are highly targeted, and we at Vision Activated make data-backed decisions and optimise their campaigns based on the results.

With traditional display advertising, advertising fees are paid upfront and do not depend on a specific transaction taking place. With performance marketing, since advertising fees are only paid upon completion of a sale or lead, it is the most measurable way to tie marketing program costs directly to results.

Measurable & Trackable

Each transaction is based on a consumer taking a defined action, such as purchasing from the advertiser or signing up for a subscription. Instead of spending money to advertise your product via traditional media and not knowing if those ads generate sales, you will be able to track every click. At Vision Activated, the trackability of performance marketing isn’t based on estimates. It’s based on actual results — meaning that a marketing program’s effectiveness is accurately determined, down to the mouse click.

Since performance marketing concentrates on boosting performance levels for your specific business goals, such as clicks, impressions, leads, and sales, you get to target and measure those metrics directly. Modern marketing management tools and technologies make it easier to track your ad performance and monitor and adjust your campaigns based on the insights gathered.

Each time a user subscribes to your mailing list, clicks on your ad or interacts with any action that meets your goals, marketers can easily see if you’ve fulfilled your goals since they know which data to track and analyse.

Diversifies your revenue stream

When one channel doesn’t work, you can quickly pivot to another one that can bring better results. That means you don’t have to continue spending your ad budget on ineffective tactics since you have a sure-fire way to generate revenue. This can be helpful when your other marketing channels aren’t generating the sales volume that you need.

ROI-driven marketing

Vision Activated focuses on bringing in a good return on investment. It doesn’t have the same risk as other marketing strategies like traditional advertising. Moreover, you can watch results in real-time, adjust or reallocate your budget as you see fit, and even put a tracking your ad performance easier and monitoring and adjusting campaigns. It ensures positive results for the goals or performance-related actions you set out to achieve.

Wider Reach

An effective performance marketing plan can help you acquire an increased and more diversified audience that wouldn’t otherwise be possible with traditional advertising. Additionally, since performance marketing can come in different formats, it opens your brand to new markets as your ads find placements across various channels and content outlets.

Vision Activated uses performance marketing creatively and effectively to diversify your audience and expand your reach, all while capturing valuable data. And the benefits don’t stop there. When you embrace the full functionality of performance marketing and the capabilities of Vision Activated, you’ll find it's easier than ever to grow your business.

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